No Birds began August, 2003 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (originally named "It Will Clearly Be A Pyramid").  Their first timid public appearance was in an echo-y community hall, opening for local punk-rock bands.  They were flabbergasted when people approached with compliments after their set, and when Steve Reed of Teargas Recording Tree expressed interest in recording their material, they decided to stick together and make more music.

Since then, they have played with many notable Canadian and international bands and musicians such as Clann Zu, Sea Ray, A Northern Chorus, Fractal Pattern, The Faunts, All Purpose Voltage Heroes, The Absent Sound, Blood Music, Mahogany Frog, Holzkopf, and Maybe Smith.  They sold over 200 copies of their first release, 'Don't rely on dying young,' in Saskatoon and hope to find wider distribution of it and their up-coming second album, 'Flowers', during a cross-Canada tour in August, 2005.  'Flowers' will be released in early July with the help of Teargas Recording Tree.

No Birds, alphabetically
Toby Bond - viola
Charlotte Dykes - horn
Mitch Grier - alto saxophone
Will Kaufhold - guitar, trombone, violin
Ali Lake - drums, glockenspiel, vocals
Ian Potts - guitar, trumpet
Adrienne Tastad - violin, accordion
Robin Wilson - cello
Nathan Young - drums, percussion
Mehta Youngs - bass