random neon

horns, wah guitar, star time on the prairie plains, and it is important to know this music comes from the prairies, that it is open,

strings on the left channel
move guitar on the right
theez riddles they speek

/critical shorthand/
Yes jamming with a Salvation Army band after Satie's whiskey still blew sky high, staining the clouds rouge . . .

NO BIRDS are: Mitch Grier Will Kaufhold Ali Lake Ian Potts Adrienne Tastad Mehta Youngs Nathan Young Robin Wilson Charlotte Dykes

only a few years young, they pledge allegiance to fury, to the bloody run out groove, to mercy, to power unbound, to heaven in rock, to each other

/more critical shorthand/
Mogwai sleeps with Godspeed on a flea-bitten mattress, they both enjoy it and make out in the sun for hours after . . .

men and women make up this band, among the finest they are, they do what they do, this should not be underestimated, I have drank and played with them all at one time or another and they come from fine stock, yes they do, they are from SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA with an album called DON'T RELY ON DYING YOUNG on JIMMY GINTHER and STEVIE REEDS' fine Teargas Recording Tree, with another on the way soon . . .

so, yeah, the sun rises, the clouds part, I'm on my way to work at a job I hate, but there is always music, my friends, the song that plays on, MARVIN GAYE loves  me, NO BIRDS love me, and that's good enough right now baby . . .

-- Chris Laramee -- Feb 11 / 05